Team Training

XGT is functional interval training that combines cardio and strength training in to one workout. Members are put in to small groups of 2-4 within a large group to make sure you still get individualized attention to maximize results. XGT also uses various training tools, which means you’ll use sandbags, kettlebells, barbells, and other functional equipment. Training in groups allows you to build camaraderie, community, healthy competition, motivation, accountability and consistency. Every class is supervised by coaches who will help you feel safe, effective, and be efficient with every workout. Each member wears a heart rate monitor so the coaches can see how many calories you burn during class. This is important to know so we can help you with your nutrition. There are modifications that can be made for every exercise so no matter what your fitness level is you can fit right in! When you aren’t working with your trainer now you have a class to work with coaches all of the other days in the week. You will have guidance every single workout!

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